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2017 movie star case
date: 2019-02-16

Since her debut, her career has been smooth. Since 1996, she hosted Hunan TV's "Evening News" and "Lights and Lights". Li Xiang hosted many major cultural activities and entertainment activities in Hunan Satellite TV, and is one of the hosts of Hunan Satellite TV. She is one of the most popular hosts in China. Although she is small and not very beautiful, she is still a little fat. However, when Li Xiang was a young person, she was really successful. She just has Amazing talent, with her own temperament, she can be so successful.

In 2005, he hosted the Super Girl Chengdu Singing Zone, Guangzhou Singing District, and the National Finals. In 2006, he continued to host the Super Girl Chengdu Singing Zone, Guangzhou Singing District and Changsha Singing District, National Resurrection and Finals. Crazy is no less than watching the World Cup today. All the variety shows or other programs she hosted have a good audience, and the audience likes her very much. She also won a good review.

In September 2013, Li Xiang, who was a provincial-level cadre of Hunan Satellite TV, resigned and became the deputy director of Shenzhen Satellite TV. Hunan Satellite TV is the home of Li Xiang, who has made Li Xiang, Li Xiang grateful to her family and thank her family. As long as she is in need of her family, she is still very helpful. Li Xiang is a media person with the ability to be very kind. In 2014, Li Xiang hosted the "Spicy Ma College" Shenzhen Satellite TV broadcast. This can be said that Shenzhen Wei regarded her as a tailor-made a program. In 2016, she resigned as the deputy director and chief art supervisor of Shenzhen Satellite TV. She joined Qihoo 360 and served as vice president of 360 Entertainment, responsible for the integration of the overall entertainment resources.